He Deserves Accolades

Alright so maybe I will stop being coy and brag. Frankly, this weekend was worth bragging about.

So the story left off with Major and I having a fun date Wednesday (with the frozen lake and food poisoning recovery) and we weren’t sure when we’d get to see each other again.

Thursday Major found out he would be working in western Nebraska but would be staying in Hastings, a manageable distance for a date. I cut the crap and asked if he had plans for the weekend. Once he said he was free I told him to figure out a date for us. I believe I used the lines “You’re the guy, plan something for Saturday.” or something like that. I’m finding I don’t act ambiguously with Major, I just let him know what I’m really thinking (a dangerous thing, I know).

Not long after he asked how I would feel if he met my parents.

That was unexpected. I spent a good 15 minutes pacing back and forth just trying to process what he’d just asked. But then I realized I was actually okay if he met my parents, and I told him I’d be cool if he did. He then clarified that he thought he’d be going to my home ward and would run into my mom anyways, so he figured he’d ask and give me the heads up.

In a further twist of fate Major was going to be able to come to Omaha for the weekend! I gotta admit, I was curious if this guy would be able to put up with me for a whole weekend. I mean, I dance to the microwave when I think no one is watching- imagine being stuck with that for 48 hours?

Friday I got off of work and met Major at a Midtown art museum I’d never visited before. I found him sitting in front of a painting that depicted cute-homicidal bunnies and robots. I knew I liked this guy.

We even found some sculptures by an artist I’ve admired since I’ve lived in Omaha. They’re called The Vermin Me project, and these figures are hidden all over Omaha. And now I have one hidden in my room (I named him Bruce the 2nd).


Then the night went by fast with a trip to Hollywood Candy




Yes we ate chocolate covered crickets. Frankly I’ve been wanting to do this but never found anyone else crazy enough to help push me to do it. I think we’ll be able to eat the ant and scorpion suckers in no time.

Then off for some leather looking



Man we look fierce in leather jackets. I think it would have been fiercer though if we could’ve found a jacket that could actually fit Major… He’s 6’4. Just wanted to mention that.

And we had to try on a few hats too



There is a 90% chance I’m going to get some of those hats once I’m not poor. I’ll go up to people and yell “You shall not pass!” during finals week. I’m motivational like that.

Since Major is from Alabama I thought we’d try a southern restaurant named Jazz. During dinner Major challenged me and I took the biggest bites of my food as I could. Sadly I’m one who likes to go above and beyond, so I ended up having to chew with my mouth open. Major picked a real winner, lemme tell ya…

Finally we ended the night with Donut Stop (where you find people building boats in Mutant Ninja pajamas on a regular basis) and a walk around town. So he survived his first 10 hours with me just fine. Though I’m surprised he wasn’t murdered in his sleep after what we did to MT.

He stayed with MT and our friend Ashley asked Major and I if we could tickle MT as revenge for tickling her. I’m always up for opportunities for revenge, and luckily so is Major. So when we stopped at MT’s Major just went up and tickled a man he barely knew. It was beautiful to watch. MT is still emotionally scarred because he wasn’t wearing his glasses so all he saw was this gigantic 6’4 blur tickling him. I’m sure MT will get over being tickle-violated eventually … I hope.

How do you describe a day that was perfect and dreadful at the same time? If you know how tell me and I’ll put it on here. Frankly I couldn’t wake up early enough to hang out with Major some more. So much that I think MT was a little put off by hearing me outside his door at 8 A.M. on a Saturday… I really need to make up to MT for all he put up with.

So Major and I got to spend some time just being lazy until we were awake enough to go experience the Josalyn Museum. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun at a museum before. I think the company had something to do with it


Sadly he had to break it to me that he had to get back to Grand Island sooner than we’d thought. But all good things have to come to an end. So we went on a road trip filled with junk food and great conversation.


I called my family to tell them that I would be in GI and they said to meet them for a Grand Island Danger (indoor arena football) game. Major said he’d drop me off with my family. I can’t even begin to describe how down-hearted I was that our night was going to have to end. But when we got there…

Major surprised me and told me that he was coming with me to the game, and it was all a surprise he’d been planning since Thursday. Lets just say, he won over my family🙂 Especially my mom…

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.48.50 PM.jpg

So now it’s back to speculating when we’ll see each other next. Until then, my family shall constantly being pulling stunts like this



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